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Truth Plus Love



Thank you for your interest to join my TRUTH PLUS LOVE launch team!

My book releases on April 23, 2019 from Zondervan!

This launch team is already nearly 200 friends strong! I have room for 500 people to join this team.

There is a limited time to join, so sign up today!

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Benefits of Joining The Team:


You will get lots of fun, exclusive announcements directly from me in this group.


You will get you early access to chapter 1 of Truth Plus Love months before the general public! You will also get early readings of other parts of the book before everyone else.


You will have a chance to win more than 100+ prizes, worth more than $2,500.

What kind of prizes?

  • $1,000 Cash*

  • “Fly Anywhere in the US” Delta gift card*

  • Beats Headphones

  • Chick-Fil-A for a week, minus Sunday ;)

  • Starbucks Nitros for a week

  • Amazon Echo Dot

  • Gift cards to Hobby Lobby, Dave & Busters, Target & more!

  • Beautiful “Live Slab” Wood Carvings of Ephesians 4:15

  • Beautiful Leather & cloth Bibles

  • Donation to your favorite charity

  • And much more!

*$1,000 cash prize will be a special contest on Instagram to be announced on TRUTH PLUS LOVE Launch Week, April 23, 2019
*$300 Delta gift card.


3 Requests:


On April 23, 2019 (wait until this day), buy two paperback copies of TRUTH PLUS LOVE. 1 from Amazon, and 1 from a local book store near you.

You do not need to buy the book to be entered to win the prizes. Buying two copies is just a favor to me :). The prizes will be mostly based on the next two special requests.


Review the book online at, etc. on April 23, 2019 (wait until this day)

The more places you review the book, the more times you will be entered to win these great prizes (Up to 4).


Share about the book creatively (on your socials, message friends, telegrams, smoke signals) Passionately tell your friends, family and followers to get the book!

The more times you post about the book on your socials, the more times you are entered to win. (Up to 7.)

Do you want to join my special Truth Plus Love launch team?

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